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Almost like praying

I can’t talk about something I did not live and that is hurricane Maria and how it hit my island of Puerto Rico. During the time it happened I was studying abroad in Madrid, Spain at ESIC for one semester. Never did it cross my mind that leaving would keep me from living one of the worst things that could happen to my island.

Madrid, Spain is 6 hours ahead of Puerto Rico, so while Maria was passing I was studying. The day before it happened I talked to my mom but the day after I couldn’t reach her. One of my professors during class asked me if I had heard from my family, that day I remember feeling scared that something might’ve happened to them.

I remember the first news I got about my mom and brother, came from my sister who lives in Daytona, she called a few days later and said that nothing bad happened to them, that they where okay. They couldn’t contact me because the signal was very bad but they where safe. When I heard those beautiful words I was so happy, I wanted to go back to Puerto Rico. The thing is that I was aware of what was going on and I felt powerless, so far away and reading about how the people where suffering. The first news I saw where from Buzzfeed and they where all pictures, some where very graphic. I wanted to buy a ticket and leave, I wanted to be with my family.

Music is a very powerful thing, there is a song that helped me during the time it’s called Almost Like Praying by Lin-Manuel Miranda. I would listen to this song on repeat, because it made me feel close to home.  Now every time someone mentions hurricane Maria almost like praying comes to my mind.

When I finally heard from my mom she started telling me how they had to sleep in the closet because it didn’t have any windows, that they felt the house move do to the strong winds, that they couldn’t leave the house the next day, but she thanked God that they where safe. Hearing her voice made me cry of happiness. As the days passed I started hearing from some friends and family and how they lost their houses. My neighbors came to visit, and told their story.

Some family members that live in Morovis didn’t have electricity until a month ago and their are people who still need help.

Here are some pictures of my friends house, before and after.


Source:[By Adniles Rios Babilonia, Titled: Maria arrasó en mi hogar, pero no se llevó nuestra unión familiar. All rights reserved]

Every day I wanted to see my family but when they came to visit me in Madrid they where so relived. They where happy because it was a break from the reality they where living back home.

Sad thing is that even now people are still without electricity.


A lot of people died.

But I learned that we are strong and when the people unite and work together, Puerto Rico se levanta.

Featured Image [Source: By NOAA Satellites Titled: Hurricanes Maria and Lee in the Atlantic Ocean. Licensed Public Domain]



Hey , I am student who loves to read and music.

2 thoughts on “Almost like praying

  1. Leandra, I almost forgot you weren’t here with us when this disaster happened. Not being able to hear from your family must had been a horrible experience, hours of feeling anxious not knowing what was going on. Then seeing pictures of the disaster and still no communication. Maria affected us, every one of us, even if we weren’t in the Island. But thanks to people like you and those who were far from us, we managed to remember that after every storm there’s light, there’s hope and there will always be people out there praying, volunteering and helping us overcome anything in our path. Thanking you for sharing your story, I hope others get to hear your and your family’s voice through this.

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