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Hey, again

You are back,

for once I thought…

I thought a lot of things.

I don’t know

is this good?

for me?

for you?

Am I thinking to much?

or to little?

Those are my thought.

When I say

“Hey” again.


Featured image: [By: Marco Nürnberger Title: Flying Thoughts. Licensed CC]

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Oct 16 – Nov 4 2018

“Yesterday, all my troubles seem so far away”

Thanks to you I bought my first book of poems, all because I wanted to seem interesting, read 47 pages of the book, sadly didn’t understand most of them, because its not like reading a novel.

Thanks to you I have found a new meaning to romantic songs, I learned how awkward is liking someone and that someone liking you back.

Thanks to you I met uncertainty.

Thanks to you those three weeks became my firsts of many things. My first date, first kiss, first holding hands, first person to look at me the way you did, first goodbye or see you soon. Never understood what happened or how it happened, it started and ended so fast.

Maybe that’s why its so perfect. I’ll never know you like I should. The image I made of you will stay the same.

Thank you

It was nice meeting you.

Featured Image: [Source, By dezzouk, Titled: Poetry in Motion – Icelandic Style! Licensed CC]